Shakti Naam Yoga

A yogic technology designed to expand mental and energetic capacity

One of Dr. Levry’s spiritual journeys in India led him to Yogi Shri Bal Mukund Singh Ji, who privately passed on to him a secret and ancient yoga practice, Sukshma Vyayama, hardly known to the Western world. This tradition became the basis of another form of Naam Yoga called Shakti Naam Yoga. This little known form of yoga has its roots in the Himalayas. Two leaders of the Indian government, Indira Ghandi and Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, privately used this form of yoga, and endorsed it to the general public, for its capacity to bolster health, counter aging and increase resilience.

Shakti Naam Yoga, a modern-day application of the practice of Sukshma Vyayama of the Himalayas, addresses the stresses and fast-paced living of modern times.  It focuses on deep breathing and stretching within yoga asanas, opening the meridians, stimulating the internal organs, expanding lung capacity, stretching the subtle body, and healing the mind. 

The practice of Shakti Naam Yoga focuses on liberating and activating the precious life force within the body so as to optimize mental and physical fitness. The human body runs on electrical potential. It is the force behind neural impulse. This electric potential is the physical manifestation of Shakti and is the fifth element that enlivens all other systems within us.

Shakti Naam Yoga feeds and releases this internal ocean of energy causing it to run through the central meridian like the river of life. A self-actualized human being is one whose development is being fed by this mystical river, through their innate connection to the highest Universal nourishment.

Shakti Naam Yoga works with something known as the “original cell,” a mystically known part of the human body that is the source of what society now regards as miraculous healing. Many ancient healing cultures referred to this optimized human condition as the state of radiating the solar force. The roots of Shakti Naam Yoga are derived from a combination of a rarely known form of yoga from the Himalayas, Universal Kabbalah and Naam. Its knowledge base also includes Eastern Oriental knowledge of the body’s meridian system. These once secret teachings offer a “fountain of youth,” by working through the subtle body that sustains the physical body to restore youth and flexibility to body, mind and spirit.

Lineage of Shakti Naam Yoga

How did this rare yogic science find its way to the West

Shakti Naam Yoga has a rich and royal lineage. It is an ancient and secret part of a higher yogic science unknown to most schools of yoga in the world today. It is not only an advanced, modified practice of yogic Sukshuma Vyama based upon traditional yogic principles, it is also a supremely effective anti-aging practice. This timeless yoga fills the body with life and beauty, removing the signs of old age while slowing down the aging process. It is humanity's collective gift for the New Age, a priceless offering for the benefit of all humankind.

The lineage of Shakti Naam can be traced back to the Himalayan masters who practiced these and more advanced techniques to free the body of the ravaging effects of disease and aging. In fact, the rare yogic practice of Shakti Naam originally comes to us from a holy man in the Himalayas known as Maharishi Karthikeyaji Maharaj, who lived to be over 300 years of age. One of his students was yogi Swami Dhirendra Brahmachari Ji, a Royal Master Yogi whose very way of life became a beacon of guidance and leadership that spearheaded the expansion of yoga throughout India and around the world. Shri Bal Mukund Singh Ji, a master teacher that served as the right hand man of Swami Dhirendra, was the direct disciple, personal assistant and served as the yoga demonstrator of this famous yogi.  After meeting Shri Bal Mukund Singh Ji, who passed onto him the advanced and secret form of Sukshuma Vyama, Dr. Levry has been actively sharing this rare yogic science with the western world under the auspices of Shakti Naam Yoga.

Personally trained by Swami Dhirendra Brahmachari Ji himself, in the mountains, forests and ashrams of the Himalayas, Shri Bal Mukund Singh Ji was also the yoga demonstrator for Swami Ji's nationally televised program on health and wellness through yoga for nearly a decade in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Swami Dhirendra revealed many personal and secret yogic techniques to Shri Bal Mukund Singh Ji during his extensive training. Under Swami Ji's guidance, he met various enlightened yogis and mystics in the high peaks of the Himalayas in Nepal and India. The list of Shri Bal Mukund Singh Ji's disciples includes cabinet ministers, highly respected scientists and elite athletes. He was also awarded several Gold medals along with the coveted Champion of Champions title at the World Yoga Championships. To this day, he has accumulated quite a few medals in international, national and state level yoga championships.

Shri Bal Mukund Singh Ji is a royal yoga research scholar currently residing in India. He has served the Indian Government for three decades as a yoga research officer in the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. Because of the elevated nature of his position, Shri Bal Mukund Singh Ji was kept in a protected environment for most of his work. As a result, to this day the public remains unaware of the findings of some of this compelling research.

In regard to Swami Dhirendra Brahmachari Ji, he was the 'Royal Himalayan Yoga Guru' of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru & Indra Gandhi, the former prime ministers of India. He was also the bridge between "Himalayan Yogis" and the yogis living socially within the Indian society. As such, he was an essential part of the rich yogic traditions of India, passing on the revered teachings of the Himalayan masters to the yogis living among the people. He was held in high regard by his contemporaries, his wisdom and advice being sought out by even the most reputed yogis of the era, including Shri Mahesh yogi, Yogi Bhajan, Shri Shri Ravi Shankar, Sant Shri Asharam Ji Bapu, Yogrishi Baba Ramdev and his favorite disciple, Shri Bal Mukund Singh Ji.

Dedicated to spreading the teachings of yoga, Swami Dhirendra established the International Yoga Research Center, including a yoga hospital to treat patients without using medicines, and started to telecast yoga programs (in northern India) on national television. In the 1960s Swami Dhirendra also visited the former USSR to train Russian cosmonauts. The huge popularity of his yoga program on television and high regard by the public made him a very influential personality in Indian politics. He also organized the first international yoga seminar in Delhi which was chaired by Shri Chander Mohan Ji Maharaj, with Indra Gandhi and Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru as the guests of honor.