Divine Spiritual Wisdom

A divine science for modern times

Divine Spiritual Wisdom is a reference point that allows humankind to make sense out of the nature of existence.  It is everything beautiful, sublime and logical that you ever wanted to know about being a spiritual being having a physical experience.  It allows the mind to behold science and spirituality advantageously so as to create a harmonious life, healthy relationships, and a happy world.  Divine Spiritual Wisdom embodies the highest essence of universal truth that existed before being refracted into fragments of that truth.  A precious gift to humanity, this sacred body of knowledge was carried throughout Egypt, Arabia, Greece, Rome, Europe, Latin and North America and across the world throughout the ages.  It is the practical essence of the Universal Kabbalah, as taught by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, whose aim is to advance the spiritual evolution of humankind.

Divine Spiritual Wisdom entrusts us, once again, with the mathematical blueprint of creation, revealing the hidden cycles of nature and cultivating awareness of enduring metaphysical laws that align us with universal intelligence. Above all, Divine Spiritual Wisdom opens the heart, for it demonstrates that no matter how rich we are, how beautiful we may be, or how many degrees we may hold; what truly matters is how many hearts we have touched and how much of a difference we have made in the lives of others.


The uniting of ancient yogic practices with Universal Kabbalah is a major historical achievement:  for the first time in history, Eastern yogic science is being paired with a Western mystical tradition.  Not only does Naam Yoga bring these two systems together, it presents the Kabbalah in a practical form using simplified language so that it may be easily understood and applied to modern day life.