Naam Meditation

A Universal Approach to Healing and Happiness

Naam Meditation is like a mighty ocean abounding with the world's finest drops of sacred scripture set to sacred music, all of which is designed to help us find our perfect place in the vastness of life. Fortunately, our lives are governed by our habitual thoughts, feelings, words, actions and behavior, which means that the secret to permanent health, happiness and success belongs to anyone who positively directs these five elements. Naam Meditation liberates the mind from any activity or conditioning that may distort our perception of our own divine worth and essence.  In this way, it is an instrumental tool for people from all walks of life who wish to improve any aspect of their life, including but not limited to: physical health, mental health, emotional stability, financial well-being, happiness in one's career, attracting and maintaining a healthy love relationship, familial harmony and overcoming any challenge or difficulty.


The Naam Meditation music that accompanies Naam Yoga classes, Shakti Naam Yoga classes, and that can also be used in individual meditation is composed using a rare mathematical system known to restore salutary rhythms within the body.  It draws its strength and intelligence from the concept of the Golden Ration (1.618), a pattern of perfection present throughout all of nature associated with balance and perfect harmony.  The Golden Ratio has been recognized and used by artists and composers throughout history whose works of art are often acknowledged as living masterpieces that maintain their sublime grandeur and relevance throughout the ages.

The careful selections of pitch, frequency and rhythm used in the Naam Meditation music correspond to specific parts of the body, just as various reflexology points in the feet address specific organs and energetic channels in the body.  In addition, Naam, or the holy word, as it exists in many different languages and mystical traditions, is made up of precise formulas of vowels and consonants that affect one’s vibratory frequency.  The pairing of Naam, or therapeutic mantras and prayers, with music composed using the divine mathematical proportion of the Golden Ratio as it relates to energetic frequencies is a revolutionary concept and an advanced form of sound therapy.

To date, there are over 40 Naam Meditation CDs, each one containing specific compositions that address common health issues as seemingly treatable as asthma and allergies to more complex conditions such as blood diseases, forms of cancer and severe depression.  The Naam Meditation CDs are designed to allow the body to rely upon and benefit from its own innate healing mechanisms, treating the body as a virtual pharmacy possessing its own dynamic and perfect systems for health, youth and rejuvenation.

Naam Meditation and Science

In September 2015 at the International Scientific Meditation Conference 2015, results from the first significant study on sound meditation revealed that selections from Dr. Levry’s healing CDs were clinically shown to have an exceptionally positive impact in pain reduction in children being treated for cancer at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.  To date, the Rootlight Sacred Music Series or Naam Meditation CDs, developed by Dr. Levry, are being used by people from all walks of life to maintain elevated states of health and wellbeing.


Among the many physical benefits of Naam Yoga is its impact on the brain and endocrine system. Naam Yoga increases both serotonin and dopamine in the human brain, and affects other important systems in the human body, as well. Naam Yoga increases reduced serotonin levels from stress, lack of sleep and exercise, poor nutrition, and lack of sunlight which are connected with ADD, irritability, depression, aggression, anxiety, lack of concentration, chronic pain, restlessness or fatigue, nausea, obsessive-compulsive disorder, weight gain or loss, fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, heat intolerance and other syndromes. Naam Yoga also addresses the fluctuating serotonin levels that are connected with bipolar disorder (manic depression) and hypomania.

Naam Yoga supports neurogenesis and stimulates the brain cells to grow and connect with each other in complex ways. It activates neural pathways and connections that are under-utilized, thereby improving their health and usefulness. Naam Yoga accomplishes this by extending the branches of dendrites, the intricate nerve fibers that act as antennas through which our neurons communicate with one another. Naam creates a totality of more than a hundred trillion connections. The Naam-improved neurons can perform more than 300 calculations per second, thereby making our minds more flexible, and upgrading both our ability to think and our memory.