Written by Dr. Roberk Mirshak

Modern humans are surrounded by vibrations through Wifi, electrical instruments, electromagnetism of computers and microwaves of cell phones. Brain waves, heart waves, information and stimulus of all kinds are swirling around and all has to be processed efficiently and effectively in order to be successful in this world. Humans are multitasking on many levels that includes the processing of untold amounts of stimulus. It is possible to make all activities an opportunity for receiving and generating corrective vibrational stimulation. It is possible that while driving, exercising, sleeping, cooking and working in the office, beneficial vibrations can surround the body and recalibrate your brain. Dr. Levry, a modern mystic, musician and scholar of ancient spiritual wisdom has revolutionized the world of therapeutic music, elevating its potential exponentially.

There is a precise mathematical science that can be applied to music that can cause it to be therapeutic for both the brain and body. Rootlight music composed by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry possesses many of the qualities used by some of history’s greatest and most influential classical composers. The 32 meditation music CDs composed by Dr. Levry are structured using a little known mathematical system that is capable of maximizing the healing potential for its listeners. He accomplishes this with the application of a complex form of psychotherapeutic mathematics. The ancient Greek philosopher and mystic Pythagoras, best known for his work in mathematics, taught that the whole universe was comprised of sounds and numbers. Similar to Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, Dr. Levry’s music is written using the diatonic scale of a piano key board and numerous applications of what is known as the Golden Section (Golden Ratio or 1.618). Dr. Levry and other composers such as Alban Berg, Anton Webern, Hanns Eisler and Arnold Schoenberg used frequency, pitch and rhythm according to the numerical value each represented. Interestingly, each note of the diatonic scale, every pitch, frequency and rhythm corresponds to a different part of the body, much in the same way the bottom of the foot contains reflex points for the entire body. The healing meditation music composed by Dr. Levry can be used as an audio version of reflexology therapy for the brain and body.

What we know is that each note, or “pitch” of a musical score has a different vibrational frequency associated with the speed of sound. A pitch is a major auditory attribute of musical tones, along with duration, resonance or amplification and timbre. Each pitch affects our individual frequency and energy in a unique way and distinct pitch combinations can produce a profound effect on our state of being. In addition, words contain an exact combination of vowels and consonants which also affect frequency. This is especially the case with regard to the sacred Word. The fact that Dr. Levry uses exact pitches, vowels and consonants that correspond to energetic frequencies is a revolutionary concept.

This system of music therapy is based upon the idea that the body and brain is sensitive and responsive to the strength and quality of audio vibration. Additionally, its effectiveness is rooted in the idea that the right vibrational stimulation produced by music can promote healthy brain waves and heart rhythm which ultimately controls everything. Sleep, intelligence, psychological wellness and the cardiovascular system are directly dependent upon the health of these waves.

"According to the ancient health wisdom of India, Babylon, Egypt and China, regeneration and longevity can be greatly expanded when a person has mastery over their brain and heart waves."

We must also honor the Law of Osmosis as it pertains to music. In other words, that which we listen to, we become. Therefore, listening to music or meditating with music from a composer and/or performers that both contain and maintain a high vibrational frequency will greatly benefit the listener.

The effects of the music, when a person participates by singing and moving with the music in particular ways is magnified greatly. Control of the depth, rhythm and speed of the breath has been scientifically shown to impact the brain and nervous system. Additionally, there are reflex points on the upper palate and lips that are beneficially stimulated with the pronunciation of various mantras. Dr. Levry uses a complex exchange between the upper palate and the tongue to affect the healing pressure points located within the human mouth. This in turn stimulates the hypothalamus, which causes the pituitary and pineal glands, which regulate hormones and many other important body functions, to go into a vibrational resonance. This form of sound therapy fits well into modern life and provides the opportunity to make many situations an opportunity for beneficially stimulating the brain. This music can also be used in clinical therapeutic settings, classrooms, penitentiaries and in the corporate setting.

Dr. Robert Mirshak is a professor of music and currently President and Founder of Mirshak Artists Management, representing over thirty international classical artists world-wide. Dr. Mirshak is a regularly featured lecturer at National Music Conventions and has been interviewed for and written articles for the National Association of Teachers of Singing and Classical Singer Magazines. These sacred teachings have had a tremendous impact on his life and he lovingly shares his insights with the world.