Fifteen thousand attend early morning yoga session

Naam Yoga Superclass held at Mexico City's Revolution Monument

Some fifteen thousand woke up early Sunday morning for a mass yoga class in Mexico City.

The Naam Yoga aficionados met under the capital city's Revolution Monument for an open air session. Beneath the city's skyscrapers and through the occasional traffic snarls, citizens of the city excercised by stretching and meditating.

The event offered many of the city's residents a rare chance to come together. Mexico City has been a central location in the drug wars ravaging the country.

[Cloe De La Garza, Mexico City Resident]:
"It starts to unite hearts and in a way that expands what the the majority want. Because I think that we see in the news that Mexico has problems but we, the majority, want peace. I think that these things are a great way to come together."

Naam Yoga has become increasingly popular in recent years. It combines eastern yogic practices with kabbalah teachings. Many celebrities have begun practicing it, including Madonna and Demi Moore.