Mission Statement:

The Universal Force International Naam Yoga Association has been created to provide continuing support and benefits to its members by establishing and maintaining a global Naam Yoga community. The association links Naam Yoga Teachers worldwide through its professional network In addition, the Universal Force International Naam Yoga Association offers standardized certification programs in Naam Yoga, maintains professional guidelines and certification standards to ensure the highest caliber of teachers, and assists in the continued growth of its members by offering and requiring standardized continuing education programs. Finally, the Universal Force International Naam Yoga Association helps educate healthcare professionals and others regarding the benefits of Naam Yoga.

Benefits of being an active member of the Association  include:

Additional Kriyas and up to date information about Naam Yoga

 A listing in the online directory of recognized Naam Yoga Teachers

Participation in UFINYA sponsored continuing education programs to assist teachers stay up to date in a living technology

Special enrollment prices for courses that qualify as Naam Yoga Continuing Education

A Public Relations Kit for Naam Yoga, including all templates needed for professional advertisement (please email Rootlightorder@aol.com for information) 

Client referrals


The opportunity to purchase books and CDs by Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam) at wholesale prices for the purpose of providing healing music and information to Naam Yoga clients. Wholesale kits are available upon request by emailing Rootlightorder@aol.com or by calling 805-624-1420.


Joining the Association:
Please return the
Registration Form* and a $75.00 annual General Membership fee to: Universal Force Healing Center, c/o Universal Force International Naam Yoga Association, 7 West 24th Street, New York, NY 10010. When paying by credit card, you may fax your application to 413-639-8903.

* Requires Adobe Acrobat reader.


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Universal Force International Naam Yoga Association  ●  Phone: (646) 291-6383  ●  Email: association@naamyoga.com

                              *Naam Yoga has been registered with the Federal Trade-Mark Office by Universal Force, Inc.