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NAAM YOGA LA is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) global center for spiritual and physical wellness. Our mission is to empower people to improve their lives, heal themselves, and to support them in the process of balancing the Mind Body Spirit connection through the power of community, a variety of classes, a healing clinic, workshops and events, many of which are available free or at low cost.


Universal Kabbalah

Universal Kabbalah as taught by Dr. Levry: What is it?

Universal Kabbalah, as with all teachings of Dr. Levry, is neither religious nor confined to one belief system; it is universal and opens the heart. Universal Kabbalah is a system for expanding our consciousness and awareness towards accelerated evolution. It encompasses a vast body of knowledge and is a unique distillation of ancient wisdom, teaching one the capacity to move beyond the illusion of separateness to seeing all as one. While Dr. Levry's teachings have their basis in certain spiritual lineages, people of all faiths and religions, as well as those with no specific faith or religious affiliation are drawn to its pure essence. Today, he travels around the world to spread the healing messages of this divine spiritual wisdom.

Dr. Levry and other descendants of the Rose Croix lineage, an ancient Kabbalistic philosophy, pledge their lives to the development and defense of constructive divine spiritual wisdom for the beneficent evolution of humanity.

Light of Insight Series Tools

By studying Universal Kabbalah you can learn about:

  • Naam - using sacred healing music for spiritual growth, Kabbalisticly composed by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry
  • Personal Kabbalistic Blueprint (based on your birthday and the day of the week you were born)
  • Universal Kabbalistic Blueprint (the date, the day, the hour)
  • The Tree of Life (10 Spheres, 22 Paths, 9 planets, 5 Gates, etc.)
  • The 5 Elements - personal and universal (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Ether)
  • Planes of Creation (Spiritual, Astral, Physical/Mental, Emotional, Physical)
  • 7 Karmic influences
  • Kabbalistic archetypes: numerology, symbols, the Arcana, Tarot, colors, gems, sound, light, shapes, invocations, affirmations, and more
  • Timing and the cycles of nature